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Lene Therese Teigen is a playwright and director, and has background from working as a drmaturge. She also writes on commission for other directors. She has extensive experience in collaborative processes developing new works with performers and other artists. Teigen also directs works by other writers.

Lene's performing arts projects are characterized by rapid scene changes and many sensory impressions, often with creative use of video and sound. Integration of research and artistic practice is central to her work, and she has shown strong social commitment with a targeted focus on equality and a gender perspective.

As a playwright, she creates texts with several equal characters.


Mater Nexus (The Open Theatre, Oslo 2001, Stockholm City Theater 2002, also produced in Helsinki, Gothenburg and Tokyo) became her breakthrough as a playwright and director. Later she has, for instance, written and directed Life Machine (Oslo Nye, 2005), The Archaeologists (Teater Ibsen 2007), Square (Literature House Oslo 2009), Under Our Sky (Teater Innlandet, 2012), Two Days in Rome (La Escena 2019), Time without books (Kulturkirken Jakob 2020), Livia’s Room (Cornerteateret 2022) and Mother Variations (Teater Vestland). Falling Apples premiered in English at La Mama Melbourne in 2016.

As a director she has, among other works, staged Bell-Check by Janne Langaas (The Norwegian Theatre 2010), I am the only one who has visited the moon by Toril Solvang (HiNT/House of Drama 2013) and Medealand by Sara Stridsberg (Den Nationale Scene 2014).

A total work of art with the Roman era as a historical backdrop in a feminist perspective. We bring to life a room from Augustus' time and many of the women around him.


Famous events from the love affair between Tulla Larsen and Edvard Munch come out in a new light


A diverse mix of characters is united by a common sense of restlessness and longing, where Fado becomes the wheel in connecting and moving forward.



A play about motherhood in all different ways. Premiere in February 2023

Skjermbilde 2022-09-08 kl. 00.41.29.png

Wrapped with political nerve and poetic power, this play is about the human consequences of war and conflict.



1650 - 2050


More information to come!


Nine people tied together in different ways: Mothers, daughters, sisters, sisters-in-law and childhood friends, in a play that challenges various theater conventions and visual changes.


The lives of thirteen people unfold in an epic landscape of intimate moments. They meet and slide apart, fall and rise. Everyone looking for a solid ground.


In meeting with the remains of a woman who lived on Iceland in about 930, a tug-of-war arise between Four archaeologists about who and what she might have been.

arkeologene (42).jpg

A middle-aged couple travels abroad, and the woman discovers that a great love from her past also is at the same hotel.


A play with 16 anti-heroine roles for four actors. It is about having an idea of ​​what is the real reality.

birgit og square - lastet inn 5.3.09 547.jpeg

How does the place you choose to live affect your life? Are you going to leave or stay, or maybe come back? About expectations, about important choices and about life itself.

UNDER VÅR HIMMEL, Cecilie Lundsholt.png

About our time's complicated family constellations and the consequences of love and breaking up a marriage.


A factual show about politics, gender and history. We are born blank  sheets, but soon we become something more – how does that happen?


Medea is alone in her darkness, with her darkness. There is no one around her who is able to see her struggles and that she needs help.


The DeSK project's aim was to rediscover, reread and create interest in plays written by women from around the 1870s onwards.


About the conditions of drug addicts in Norway today. What makes someone feel left out in our inclusive society?

MÅNEN plakatO (1) (1).jpeg

Lecture performance  presented in The Storting on the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote in Norway.


Why did the Norwegian government in London never say anything about what they knew was going on in the concentration camps? Why was the Norwegian police such an effective tool for the German occupiers?

NORSK NOK Janne Langaas.jpeg

A political documentary putting working conditions in the early days of the Norwegian oil adventure on the agenda.

DSC_2073_2 (1).jpeg

A monologue about the war correspondent Martha Gellhorn and what journalism is and can be.


"Footfalls" by Samuel Beckett (1975) and "En natt vid horisonten" by Gunnar Ekelöf  translated and adapted into a theater performance by Lene Therese Teigen


School performances about freedom of speech, produced by Norsk PEN.


Teigen has not only delved into female playwrights through the DeSK project, she has also contributed to several projects about with the playwritght Tore Ørjasæter's theater practice.

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