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SQUARE will be the first stage text presented at LÅVESALONG, at 
Tiril Pharo at Åsheim Gård in Spydeberg. Sunday 11.2.24 at 14pm.
Contact if you want to attend.

Mother Variations: play (in Norwegian), Transit/SolumBokvennen 2022

Mater Nexus – Text, Staging, Impact
A 20 year jubilee edition also with essays in Norwegian. Transit/SolumBokvennen 2021

Livia's Room, In Another's Image and Fado while Waiting: 3 plays in Norwegian. Transit/SolumBokvennen 2021

In the documentary film EKSIL the Caballero family gives a personal reflection on the dictatorship era in Uruguay and their experiences. The staging of Teigen's stage text "Time without books" plays an important role in the film. Streaming on now.

More about Time without books

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